Aug. 31st, 2008

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Yay, it looks like I'm moving into a flat! :)

Apart from some holes in the walls which have now been filled in, things have gone pretty well so far. Amongst other things, the settee was delivered today — it was a bit tricky for the delivery men to get it in, but they somehow managed.

Dealing with the letting agent was another matter, though. It would have been nice if they'd bothered to check that the flat was finished before handing over the keys. It would also have been nice if they'd given me the correct contact number for the landlord, instead of the private mobile number of one of the developers. Also, their lawyers should be ashamed of themselves — I can accept that contracts must be written in legal language which isn't always crystal clear, but don't you think 202 words in one sentence is overdoing it a bit? Well, at least I'll never have to speak to them again! :)

It'll be nice to live closer to work. Commuting from Leicester to Derby wasn't actually that bad, though — largely thanks to the lifts I've been getting to the train station. Still, it'll be nice to have an extra hour in each day!

Apparently I need to get some sort of 'Life' to fill those hours with, but I'm not sure how to do that... :)


Aug. 31st, 2008 07:48 pm
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Ooh, I forgot to mention — I am now on the You Tubes. I'm not the best Tremulous player ever, and I wasn't playing especially well during that recording, but it's all good fun! :)

I've even gone and joined D-S-R-T, the "dark spirit tremulous" clan, which is only just getting started. Hopefully there'll be more to report on that in a month or two...


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