Apr. 2nd, 2016

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Almost eight years without an update! That’s a record, even for me.

Okay, so my life has not quite gone as I had imagined it. The new job I talked about in my last post, in 2008, was surprisingly good, in hindsight. After a few years I joined EchoStar in Steeton, Keighley (outside of Bradford (outside of Leeds), West Yorkshire). That was great at first. There was lots of work to do and I was largely allowed to get on with it. That didn’t last, unfortunately. I decided to join a consultancy firm, but I find I have a completely different temperament to the one needed in that environment. After a year and a quarter in that job, I had lost all remaining confidence, but eventually I managed to pick myself up.

Just over a year ago, I then did a contract at a startup in Cambridge. I should watch what I say, but it just wasn’t for me, so I didn’t continue in that direction.

I now find myself living in Cambridge, meeting wonderful people, and hopefully building up to getting a job that I really enjoy doing. Assuming all goes well, I’m very much hoping to join an orchestra, and get back into running again.

Whilst I was living in Bingley and later in Saltaire, I had joined an outdoors exercise class at Roberts Park in Saltaire, called “Commando Fit”. It was great fun, I met lots of lovely people, and I did benefit quite a bit from the exercise. Would highly recommend to anyone moving to the area! We ended up doing running events, and in fact, the way I got roped into joining in the first place was to do the “Cumbrian Commotion” triathlon, consisting of fell running, mountain biking and kayaking! Never in my life would I have ever dreamt I’d end up doing something like that!

So, I’m trying to keep busy doing bits with Fuse (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) and also I’m working on a patch to GCC. Will have to see how that goes, but fingers crossed!


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