Feb. 19th, 2002 11:53 pm
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Quite a bit of activity in the last week... The mud's web site is available again, complete with bug tracker, so I might even fix some bugs. I discovered that someone I know from DMU is one of [ profile] abigailb's old friends from college. I'll see if we can invite him round some time. Abi's party happened on Friday — plugging a computer into the hifi was a really neat idea, although it's a pity that we don't have it connected to the network — it didn't get in the way too much though. I stayed up way too late and got slightly drunk, meaning that I had to catch a later train on Saturday.

I got down to Cambridge eventually, and caught the bus. I got off at wrong stop though, and it took about half an hour for people figured out where I was, and then I was taken to the nice warm flat, where I ate delicious food and listened to strange music. My hair refused to be dyed dark red — I'm going to see if I can get a strongish purple dye for the meet this Saturday. I think we then went shopping for Green Stuff (TM) amongst other things, but I was too busy freezing to death to take much in. The Green Man meet was good — there was too much merrymaking to describe in full detail here, but I met quite a few people. I did manage to get semi-drunk on three girly drinks, so I can't remember as much as I'd like to, although I do remember that the chocolate-coated coffee sweet things were very nice. When we got back, we stayed up really late watching the Magic Roundabout (partly due to the coffee, no doubt).

I can't remember too much from Sunday, due to the sleep deprivation. I do remember eating nice eggs+beans+chips, and then meet various new people at the flat-warming. The Green Stuff was a very strange drink. I caught the last train home and did some spodding for a while before falling asleep. Got in late on Monday. Oops. Plett had mysteriously appeared when I got back, which I wasn't expecting, so I stayed up listening to more music and drinking leftover beer. In short, it was an eventful week — slight pity that I can no longer remember many of the actual events.
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