Feb. 2nd, 2002

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Feb. 2nd, 2002 06:51 pm
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Well, I've been persuaded to start this journally thing, then. I don't know how I'm going to stop people from falling asleep at their keyboards though — maybe I'd be suprised? *shrug* — Anyway, what's going on in groove town then?

Well, I went to an AFPmeet, but I could only stay for two days. I had a great time — I've tasted Maya Gold, which is simply the best chocolate ever. Also, I've heard some of the music of the Arrogant Worms, whose album I must buy a copy of. Quickly.

I've decided that if I'm going to be going to AFPmeets at all, I should read the 'froup, or at least the off-topic posts — I'm dead scared of spoiling books that I haven't got round to reading yet (and yes, I'm fully aware that the way to deal with this is to buy lots of Mr Pratchett's books and read them all. :) )

Semester Two started on Monday. Seems like the modules will be much more interesting than those in the first semester. (I might even have do some work!) I got very high on chocolate on Thursday. By that time I still hadn't caught up on sleep from the weekend. And then I decided to have a drink. I was a bouncy, noisy and knackered Zub, and I've still not recovered... Ooops. Hopefully I should feel a lot better in a few days, but I fear that I might have caught a cold now. Ouch.


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